Norstone Stonepanels

Norstone Europe is known throughout Europe for its stacked stone panels, because its attractive and unique designs combine a natural atmosphere with a classical elegance and an ultramodern look, setting Norstone Europe apart from more traditional wall and panel products.


At the same time we provide you with completely new and unlimited possibilities to create the design you desire, whether you need a design for your home, or stone panels for a shop layout, feature walls and landscape areas.


Norstone Europe will provide you with:

  • Beautiful colours and structures in a way only nature could create them.
  • Stone panel series, standard XLS, XLV and external and internal interlocking corners in all series.
  • Panels are dimensionally stable with straight edges and weigh 6 kg each, and are therefore easy to install.
  • A unique opportunity to create a personal and unique design

Norstone Europe


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